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About EliBrook Labradors

      My name is Gail Mosher and I have had the priviledge of living with English Labrador Retrievers for the last 18 years.  They have been some of the best friends in the world and shaped our lives in many ways.  I live on a small non opperational farm in upstate NY with my husband, and three daughters.  We have 70 acres that the dogs can romp on following after our 4 wheeler and horses.  We bought our first dog, Eli 18 years ago.  We had no idea the path that one yellow dog would take us down.  All of our dogs have been out of foundation English lines, their puppies have went onto become family members, working canine companion dogs, hunting dogs and agility and show dogs.                                                                                                                                         When  we originally started this adventure we set some goals and standards that we felt to be vital to the dogs.  One, we would do everything in our ability to better the Labrador breed.  Two, we would not comprimise what was right.  Three, if our view ever changed it was time to stop breeding labradors. 

     Our children have been so important in this adventure.  Our oldest daughter carried her passion onto become a Veterinarian, our middle daughter a professional photographer, for which many a puppy and dog has sat to have its picture taken.  Our youngest daughter is also going into the medical field.

      Because we have a vet in the family, we have been fortunate enough to stay on top of the latest technology in the Veterinary field, keep current on research and the latest trends in diet.  We hope to pass this knowledge onto you.  


PD # 285

Upcoming litters

Fall is here and we are thankful for the blessings of new friends and homes for our puppies! 

At this time we have no puppies available.  We do have a retiring chocolate female that will be be placing in a home.  Call or Email me for more information. 

We will be adding new photos soon of the gang!   

Happy Harvest Season.  Gail...

Recommened Sites to visit

Some sites we recommend that you visit are

American Kennel Club

Penn Hip Association


For Pet Containment Systems we recommend


Donna and Stan do an awsome job training your dog

and are always happy to answer your questions.



Tammy Brockett Photographer



For Veterinary Care

Waterville Veterinary Clinic



Books we recommend:

The Art of Raising a Puppy

By: The Monks of New Skeet

Our Thoughts on Colors of Labrador Retrievers

The American Kennel Club recognizies 3 colors, Yellow, Black and Chocolate.  Yellow can range from white to a fox red.  Chocolate can range from milk chocolate to bittersweet chocolate color.  Be very careful about "rare" colors that include the word Silver or Charcoal.  This is simply someone trying to make a quick buck at the expense of the breed.  American Kennel Club has determined that silvers are " dilute chocolates".  This means they are the result of a genetic flaw.  Inbreeding being the method used to produce this flaw.  

The following pages contain pictures of our gang, some of our thoughts and what we strive for here at Eli Brook Labradors.  We invite you to come visit us and meet the dogs in person.  

Before you buy a puppy there are some questions to ask yourself

Are you willing to commit the next 10 to 15 years of your life to a dog.

Are you financially able to care for one.

Do you have room for a labrador to play.

Do you have small children.

Do you own your own home.

Do you have time...lots of it.